For the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass, July 4th is the day to celebrate the birth of our country as an independent nation. It is also a time to celebrate lawn & landscape business owners who have declared their ambition to be financially independent. Remember, it’s political freedom first, then financial freedom. 

“Without political freedom first, there can be no financial freedom. We need laws that protect contracts, corrupt-free courts, and a free people, first of all,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “With that foundation, we then go about the business of building our financial freedom without fear of the government or others stealing our wealth and businesses. Independence Day, July 4, 1776 was the beginning.”

It took great courage for the Continental Congress to approve the final wording of the Declaration of Independence and announce to the world that the thirteen colonies of the United States were an independent nation separate from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

“So here’s to our forefathers, to their vision, to their fortitude to create a new nation, and their willingness to fight and win the American Revolutionary War,” said Tom. “And here’s to the lawn & landscape business owners who, in their own way, fight for their financial freedom everyday. They take great risks and give up their time and energy to build their enterprise with great employees and customers. They build their company with American values – they work hard, value the people on their team, they don’ break trust, they give back and make life better for their communities and the people around them. Everything our declaration of independence was meant to achieve.”

Have a wonderful Independence Day. Here’s to our political and financial independence!