It's never too soon to start thinking about your financial independence.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

At Ceibass we will help you develop your fundamental thinking around the transfer or sale of your business. We will help you get to the point where you realize “I must get my company financially fit to the point where if someone approached me and wanted to buy my business tomorrow, it would be ready to be sold.” This will result in you getting the highest possible price for your business at any given moment in time because your company is in perfect shape.

There are four steps in developing an exit plan:

1. Determining owner’s objectives.

How much money do you need? Do you have a desire to see the company continue in your name or in your family? What are your objectives?

2. Assessing current value and marketability of the business.

We will examine the marketability and true value from many points of view identifying strengths and weaknesses of the business.

3. Developing an action plan for enhancing and preserving the value and marketability of the business.

We will get in the trenches with you and make your business better so that it will be in excellent shape to be sold when you are ready.

4. Developing a plan for the transfer or sale of the business in the future.

How to take your business to market is of strategic importance because we need to attract multiple buyers who will be interested in your business.

Preparing Your Business for Sale

Once we determine your goals and post sale desires we will develop the action plan to get your business ready for sale.
A good analogy is when you are selling a house or when you are buying one. If the house is in need of repairs, dirty, and the carpets are worn you will not be able to get top dollar for the home. Conversely, when the house is all buffed out, all repairs have been taken care of, there is a new coat of paint, and the smell of freshly baked cookies are in the air, your chances of getting top dollar are greatly enhanced.

Our job is to get your house, your business, in order. By doing so we will have more than one potential buyer interested in your business, creating more of an auction situation, and greatly enhancing your potential for a more profitable outcome.

Executing the Action Plan

With buy-in from you and your team, Ceibass works with you in making your business run more efficiently, effectively and strategically. At a minimum we will help you make more money. You will have a more profitable company. It is like giving yourself a raise. Going through this phase is critical to your success and future ability to maximize the transfer or sale of your business.

Selling or Transferring Ownership of Your Business

In this phase we can negotiate from a position of strength because your company’s house is in order. We have multiple buyers. We can get you top dollar for your business. This is also the phase where legal, tax, financial and estate planning activities increase. Our team of experts are ready to be an offer of help.

What’s Next...

This is a significant part of the process and one not to be overlooked. It is important for you as a business owner to focus on your future—what will you do? Will you miss running a company? Will you miss the action? Will you get bored? What will occupy your time? How do you find meaning? What’s next is a big question…and with our insights, we can help you find the answers to truly enjoying this next phase of your life. It should be a most pleasurable and exciting adventure for you.