Last week the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass celebrated our Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. They also commemorated lawn & landscape business owners for their declaration to run successful businesses and create their financial independence.

“If there is one thing we know about independence, whether it is political or financial freedom it is that it must be defended and earned every day,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “To remain independent and successful lawn and landscape business owners must declare their independence from racism in any form. They must cultivate diversity and inclusion within their culture and within our industry. They must embrace technology and move their companies into the fourth industrial revolution. Quickly. And they must be open to new products and services to serve an ever-changing marketplace.”

The group at Ceibass went on to declare new focuses for the successful business owner to maintain their financial independence and run top-notch businesses including:

Not tolerating prejudiced comments

Executive and management teams that match their production teams culturally

More reliance on remote work teams and outsourcing corporate functions to reduce fixed costs

Striving to achieve and maintain best of class status

Monitoring competitors and industry best practices 

Being agile and the first to adapt new technology and make new offers to the marketplace

Constant development of a company’s human capital. Developing the people within an organization and providing career paths will be essential to keeping the best employees.

Stronger, more professional management teams that are proficient at innovation, metrics, scaling the organization, finance, and maintaining customer satisfaction

Overall becoming more professional and keeping a focus on lifelong learning and improving performance