During this time of gratitude, the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass give thanks to you … the professionals in the lawn and landscape industry. 

“Being a professional is not a common quality in our society today. There are lots of amateurs walking about … people looking for the easy way, who do not put in the work, who feel entitled, and want to take more than they give,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Professionals distinguish themselves by taking their careers very seriously. They study and work very hard at the fundamentals, such as taking great care of their customers and the team of people who work with them. Professionals earn it, every day. They build up their organization. They invest in people, systems, technology, and the best equipment. They increase the value of what they do. Professionals are lifelong learners, very coachable and engaging.

“On this Thanksgiving, we give thanks to the discipline, strategic orientation, and competitiveness of the professionals we have had the privilege of working with in the lawn and landscape industry. We celebrate the good moods you bring to table each day, your unrelenting accountability and desire to improve, and most of all, your respect for the people that make your company great. Here’s to you on this Thanksgiving Holiday.”