How you exit your business will be the most important transaction of your business career. Our goal is to ensure that transaction is highly profitable.

– Tom Fochtman

I've worked in the green industry for more than 35 years, prepared my business for sale, and sold my business. Life is good. And now, I am here to help you do the same.

Mission (Why We Exist)

We at Ceibass exist to help business owners in the green industry realize their dreams. They deserve it. They’re good people…stewards of the outdoor environment. We want to help them exit the business they’ve worked so hard in. The deal isn’t what motivates us, it is helping the people…the owners. When we help them understand the process, prepare their businesses for sale, and then get them the maximum dollar for their business, we know we’ve helped them to be able to enjoy a good life. At Ceibass, if we are successful in the entire process, both the owner of the business and Ceibass will gain financial reward from the process.

Vision (What We Intend to Be)

We intend to be the leader and a true resource for business owners in the green industry when it comes to thinking about, planning for, preparing for and executing exit strategies for the transfer or sale of their businesses.

Values (What’s Important to Us)

Being a true offer of help to people. Delivering on what we say we are going to do. Always making sure our actions are consistent with our public declarations. Treating people with respect. Doing the right thing. Honesty. Integrity. Producing value. Our deep seated, core belief is the if we treat our clients with respect, and we’re honest and work hard, that we will be successful. We are going to work 110% to make sure our clients receive the financial success they have worked so hard to create and achieve. We are going to be their partner, attached at the hip, until we get it done. That’s our commitment. Hire Ceibass and you are partnering with a team of experts who are focused and dedicated to getting you to the finish line.