As we move into 2023 the enterprise value specialists are helping lawn and landscape business owners with their strategic planning.

“As you work your strategic plan take a good hard look at yourself and your management team. Do you have the people who can be honest about your strengths and weakness?” asks Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “To plan effectively your team needs to be psychologically strong. They need to be ambitious, too. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Aim higher. Push your boundaries and do more than stretch, seek to gain a real competitive advantage. Create that unique offering that makes your company different than you competitors.”

The team at Ceibass went on to add some other ideas to help you enhance your strategic plan:

  • Be diligent about gathering all the data the data you will need for a comprehensive evaluation including financial, economic, competitive, and situational analysis. Don’t guess. Get to the facts.
  • Remember that the strategic plan must be performed. This includes the design of the plan and the communication of the plan, the implementation of the tactics of the plan, measuring progress, adjusting the plan, and producing satisfaction with the plan.
  • Your plan must be performed by people. Do they have the skills and tools to execute your plan? Have you allowed for proper training?
  • Technology and equipment must be in top shape. Do not skimp here. Make a commitment to having the best tools and tech.
  • Hold your discipline. Work your plan. Yes, make adjustments, but hold people accountable.
  • Review your metrics or key performance indicators and make sure they are producing the clarity you need to measure the progress you are seeking. Develop a weekly Dashboard to help monitor and guide your progress.
  • Meet regularly to review, discuss, tweak and adjust your plan. The better your practices are around The Strategic Plan the more nimble you will become as a company and the greater your margins and profits will be.