The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass work with lawn & landscape business owners throughout the country exploring merger & acquisition opportunities and helping them enhance the value of their companies.

“As we speak with executives we notice that the mood of the industry, in general, is very, very upbeat. Extremely positive,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass, CEO. “We’re an essential industry. Revenues are up. Margins strong. Good moods are contagious. They make people feel more appreciative, relaxed and peaceful. They contribute to higher energy levels, clearer thinking and a willingness to engage and try new things. However, these are not ordinary times. The stress of the pandemic is taking its toll. Be aware of this and take exceptional care of your team. Really, stay vigilant and be a great employer during these trying times. Watch out for and do everything you can to improve mood.”

Tom and the team at Ceibass went on to say that the role of the owner is changing because of the pandemic. Owners need to become experts in HR. Employers need to be empathic and creatively help their employees with real solutions to the circumstances employees find themselves in.

The team at Ceibass went on to expand more on mood:

“Non-working moms have been stay-at-home moms since mid- March. This has been really stressful … tough on families and an abnormal amount of pressure on young families. How is that impacting your employees?”

“Be careful of overworking employees and triggering bad moods. It is easy to do with the daily stress of the pandemic.”

“Individual family circumstances can change instantly. A spouse can be laid-off. Unemployment checks end. Grandparents quarantined. Someone showing symptoms.  What are you doing to help? We all need to care for each other in these trying times.”

“Good moods can really give a company an edge. Go out of your way to engage with your staff, be appreciative, give small gifts, share good news. Celebrate the small stuff. Be thankful.”

“Good moods move companies forward. They can make you more competitive, more attractive to new customers, too. Do what you need to do to foster good moods.”

“Increase your compassion for others. These are extraordinary times to be a human being. Be more human. Promote positive attitudes.”    

“Bad moods increase rigidity, make people feel tired, and alone. Don’t let anyone on your team feel that they are alone. You’re in this together. If they are distracted or disengaged, check in with them and see what they are concerned about. Be on the look out.”