The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass vigilantly work to stay on top of merger & acquisitions’ activity in the lawn & landscape industry. Part of their due diligence is keeping up with M&A activity in general. And a good source of information for that is the Deloitte annual survey of executives and private equity investors on what to expect from M&A in 2020.

“There is record levels of cash sitting on the sidelines waiting to be put into play,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Deal volume expectations are high. Deal value expectations are high. This is great news for business owners who have prepared their businesses for sale. And if you haven’t prepared your business for sale, pretend you are going to sell and prepare. See what is out there. You may get an unsolicited offer. This is the time. This is an unprecedented sellers market.”

Will the seller’s market continue? What should owners do? What should be their mindset? What is impacting the market? For a look at the Deloitte analysis of M&A 2020 trends click here.

And if you need help preparing your business for sale, or if you are wondering what the first steps might be, contact Tom Fochtman at Ceibass. No one is better connected in the lawn & landscape industry.  303-974-7577.