What seems to be different about business and the business environment now that was not noticeable three months ago? The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass have been busy noticing and speculating about that with landscape business owners.

“One thing we notice is the accelerated movement towards the use of computers, the internet, and technology in general. We are witnessing a full sprint to computers for learning, communicating, coordinating and production,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “There is a new mood around technology that says let embrace it, let’s produce competitive advantage with it, and become more efficient and profitable with it. This is a huge pivot and one that will help the companies that move first, fast and persistently with it to succeed.” 

Other noticings from the Ceibass team of professionals include:

The need for high-speed access from the field to systems and internal platforms.

GPS tracking to improve efficiency.

New redundant system requirements that require new protocols.

New tech-threats obligating new practices.

The need for video for face-to-face collaboration, providing information and training. Plan frequent video meetings to keep staff informed and to support the team energy. Video communications must flow in all directions and encourage the sharing of best practices.

Web-based customer portals and contact systems that provide best of class customer service.

Automated task management systems to monitor and direct resources.

CRM systems to better aid sales efforts

Use of social media, blogs and email blasts to enhance marketing a

Enhanced use of online ordering systems and e-commerce to open up new markets and introduce new products.

Use of technology by management teams to get real time data on inventory, job status, labor deployment, account receivables, etc.

New Covid-19 procedures and policies need to be documented and distributed by technology to all employees so everyone knows their responsibilities and new rules of operations.