The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass know that the lawn and landscape industry takes the safety of their customers and employees very seriously and they want to do all they can to help your company deal with this evolving situation.

“NALP is a great resource. The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) are advocating with federal and state officials so that landscape services are seen as essential to ensure your ability to keep your lawn & landscape business open during these difficult times,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “They are also providing the latest news and federal resources, and actionable member shared resources like Coronavirus Company Safety Plans and staff emails and letters.”

Tom went on to say that there are also webinars, podcasts and Coronavirus Updates provided by NALP that deal with such topics as Covid-19 as a recordable illness, business planning in uncertain times, outlining a financial framework for making important during the crisis, ideas on building liquidity, working with lenders, scenario planning and assessing new government programs.

“In these uncertain times, get the help you need to ground your assessments and think and act effectively,” said Tom. “Try not to react from fear. Communicate and be open with your team. Stay in the loop with the industry professionals at NALP. We all need the best information we can get.”

To go to NALP’s Coronavirus Resource Center click here.