The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass have been busy working with lawn & landscape business owners to help them secure their fair share of the Paycheck Protection Program and to assist them in working through their plans for the uncertain future surrounding the Covid-19 situation.

“Planning is a discipline. Take the time to do it. Make it a priority. Think in multiple horizons of time – two weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years. Also, in uncertain times like we’re in, think in terms of worst case scenarios, probable scenarios and best case situations,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Assemble your team and design actions around each of those situations. What are you going to do? Speculate. And then keep adapting your thinking as new information comes in each day. The businesses that can plan and adapt are the ones that will come through Covid-19 successfully.”

Additionally, some of the other considerations mentioned by the Ceibass team include:

Retention is the new acquisition. Get close to every one of your customers. Really engage with your customers.

Improve your profit and cash flow. Get after account receivables.

Examine every cost. Separate into non-discretionary and discretionary spending.

Make new business everyone’s job.

Adjust and improve your marketing efforts.

Manage your mood and the moods of your clients. Be a helpful resource.

Embrace new technology. Move into Industrial Revolution #4. Look to technology to help you improve processes & reduce costs. Look to the internet and the cloud.

Help your best salespeople be better salespeople.

Look to upgrade your workforce.

Watch your competitors and determine if any of their clients or employees are vulnerable to new offers. Which ones are getting stronger? Weaker?

Focus on doing more with fewer people and less cash.

Operational efficiencies, tremendous customer care and cash conservation are first and foremost.

Plan, plan and plan some more. Work on your options. Know your new normal and know that it won’t be normal for long. Things will change. Forecast best-case, likely-case and worst-case scenarios. Really.

Pay close attention to your most trusted and valued employees. Keep them safe and marginally satisfied. Speak and show your appreciation with the little things.

Work with your key suppliers and bankers…work to keep your network of help viable.

Look for niches in your local market where you could expand short term sales.