The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass are always interested in how successful lawn & landscape companies operate.

“How do successful companies become more successful? You study what the great companies do and then you adopt and adapt and make it your own,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “That’s why you have to be a part of NALP’s On Tour – Virtual Series. It’s a behind the scenes look at very successful lawn and landscape companies and how they do it. You get to see up close, what they do to differentiate themselves and how they produce competitive advantages. It is a must see if you’re looking to pick up tips, tricks and inspiration to catapult your own business.”

The FREE On Tour events are part video facility tour — with interviews from team members — and part LIVE Zoom event and Q&A hosted by The National Association of Landscape Professionals CEO, Britt Wood. Hear from and ask questions of the company owners and executives behind these successful operations. Every company does it differently. Pick up the innovations and practices that you can use in your business. 

If you looking to grow your landscaping, lawn care, and design build business and need to find ways to work smarter while delivering exceptional results join NALP on Tuesday, January 19 at 2:00 pm ET for the FREE Blades of Green On Tour event that will help you plant the seeds for future growth! Walk away with new ideas, tips that can save you time, money, and energy, and insights into technology that can help you build a buyer experience that keeps your clients coming back for more.

During this session, you’ll also hear from Blades of Green brothers and founders Mark and Brad Leahy, who will share how they’ve grown from a two-person shop that started in 1980 to one of the largest in their region serving more than 10,000 clients with more than $12.5M in revenue.

Plus, they will give you VIP access to their team of subject matter experts and answer your most-pressing questions. Learn how small innovations, smart marketing, and innovative operating models that buck the system have contributed to more than three decades of success, and how you can use these strategies in your own business.

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