The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass work with lawn and landscape business owners who want to be at the top of their profession.

“One of the traits that we see over and over again as we work with very successful lawn and landscape business owners is their professionalism … especially their commitment to learning as a competitive practice,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “These owners realize that thinking of learning as a competitive practice is powerful. Superior knowledge gives them an edge. And it shows up as higher margins, better profits, more satisfied customers and top notch management and executive teams.”

Tom went on to explain that the difference between common learning and competitive learning is in its intention. “Regular old learning is concerned about functioning well, such as learning how to use a tool or operate a car, remember driver’s ed. The intent is to function effectively. But the intention around competitive learning is completely different. It is about competing successfully, enhancing enterprise value, and growing the business. The intention of this learning is to win, to beat the competition, gain market share, make more money and reach higher and higher levels of excellence.”

Where do you go to get this type of competitive learning? The pros at Ceibass recommend the National Association of Landscape Professionals for starters.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals offers the best industry-specific education and programs to help landscape and lawn care companies grow their business, improve operations, increase profits and stand out from the competition.

Are you struggling to recruit good employees? Do you need to learn how to step away so you can work “on your business” and not in it? Do you need to streamline your operations? Do you need better business processes? Take part in NALP events and use their online training and resources to find strategies that get you and your company closer to the goal line.

With NALP there is education for your whole team — access live and on-demand education, industry experts, tools and strategies for your executive, marketing, sales, HR, and operations teams. Stay ahead of the curve and gain the advantage that puts your company ahead of the pack.

And you’ll have access to HR & Legal, Safety and Government Affairs experts – it’s like having your own built-in board of advisors. Set your company apart, and grow your bottom line by becoming a member today.

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