Recently the team of enterprise value specialists at Ceibass , acting as advisors to the seller, announced the acquisition of Parkside Landscaping of Denver by Cutting Edge, Boise Idaho.

“There is increased activity in lawn & landscape mergers and acquisition. Companies are dusting off deals that were put on the shelves because of Covid-19,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “This reflects a general M&A trend. Because of the backlog that was created by the pandemic, when things were put on hold, it is going to be a very busy next few years. This is a great time to maximize the value for your business.”

What does that mean for lawn & landscape business owners?

“One thing we know for sure is that companies that have an exit strategy come out way ahead of those companies that do not. So we recommend getting your plan together,” said Tom. “Even if you are not thinking about selling in the next few years, or retiring, we advise business owners to start being more rigorous with their plans, tightening-up their books and expenses, and get more aggressive about growth. Take advantage of this resurgence to improve your competitive advantage and enhance your enterprise value.”