The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass were in attendance at the National Association of Landscape Professional’s LANDSCAPES 2019 convention in Louisville, Kentucky last week.

What were the key facts, the essential ideas that need to be remembered and acted upon from this industry-leading event? Here is a list of takeaways from the Ceibass professionals:

Consensus of business owners we spoke with are anticipating a coming economic slowdown but are not in any panic about it. Slowdown yes, recession, no.

Private equity is still thrilled with the lawn & landscape industry…new money is coming in.

There seems to be more money than deals available. Investors are turning over every stone to make and find deals. They can’t find opportunities fast enough.

If you are even remotely thinking about selling your commercial lawn and landscape company now is the time to act. Investors must aggressively bid for opportunities. Don’t wait for multiples to creep up and miss this market…now is the time.

We’ve been blessed with a great market for years. Be thankful. But act now if you are a Seller.

NALP’s Foundation raised about $70,000 in pledges at LANDSCAPES 2019 to support the Industry Growth Initiative (IGI) which is diligently working to grow the industry and its workforce. Thank you to all.

#1 challenge is still lack of labor. Those firms that are great at retaining and recruiting talent are enjoying superior margins. Many top firms working on their corporate cultures to create a competitive advantage here.

Lots of speculation that another interest rate cut is coming so leverage is still a viable strategy. 

The education and specialty summits on Industry Expertise, Landscape Management, Lawn Care, Irrigation, Design Build and Snow & Ice, along with Exhibitors, Technical Workshops, Power Sessions and Guest Speakers were inspiring and practical. The practical education sessions on leadership, strategic growth, financial management and operational efficiency were jam-packed with to-dos-right-now. Make sure LANDSCAPES 2020 is on your calendar or you will be left behind.