The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass believe that Labor Day and the Labor Day Weekend deserves very special recognition.

“Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers and hard work have made to the prosperity and well-being of our country,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO.

Labor Day is considered the unofficial end of summer, and, since 1894, is recognized as a federal holiday. It is celebrated with parties, parades and barbeques.

“So what are we celebrating?” asked Tom. “For us at Ceibass, we celebrate all of the labor that goes into the creation and development of a lawn & landscape business. We celebrate the business owners who struggle everyday to make their companies successful, to make ends meet and deliver a great product. It is hard work, and it is not an easy job, especially as we maneuver through the pandemic.”

Specifically, on this Labor Day, Tom and the team at Ceibass celebrate:

The ingenuity and resourcefulness of owners to meet the never-ending demands of cash flow.

Successfully dealing with the unprecedented low unemployment and staffing issues of the last decade

The deep responsibility owners have for their teams to keep them safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Effectively working around the ever-changing challenges associated with immigration and programs like H2B

The constant work to continuously maintain and upgrade technology that you don’t understand.

The obligation owners feel to care for, develop and grow their employees.

The paranoia owners feel to produce and maintain customer satisfaction so that contracts are renewed or invoices get paid.

The stamina that is required to build a landscape business over decades and decades.

The patient temperament that is required to bring about change within a management group.

The constant work that goes into maintaining equipment.

The skill to handle the unexpected firestorms that always arise just before an owner is about to take a vacation or attend a family event.

The never-ending development of systems and procedures to take care of the many concerns of the enterprise including routing, quality control, accounting, invoicing, receivables, etc., etc., etc.

The personal control it takes to deal with the implementation of these new systems and procedures and getting the staff to adopt them.


So here’s to you, for taking on the risks, and for performing the special kind of “labor” that is the labor of being a landscape business owner. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.