It’s election day Tuesday, Nov 3rd and the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass hope that you “elect” to get out and vote. Remember that democracy requires you showing up. You count. Your vote matters.

Fundamentally, what people vote for are promises made by politicians. “I like this candidate’s set of promises so I will vote for them.” Or “I don’t like that candidate’s set of promises so I will not vote for that candidate.” Voters exchange votes for promises. Candidates exchange promises for votes.

“What candidate’s promises are attractive to you? Our country wants to know. Our democracy relies upon all of us to be active participants. It’s a privilege. A cherished right. Don’t let it go to waste,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “We need every voice speaking out. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. Over the past decade there have been more than a handful of political races decided by a few votes. If enough people vote in your district or county, your ballot can increase your preferred candidate’s chances of winning an election and help get policies passed that reflect your values and needs.”  

The specialists at Ceibass went on to say that participating in local and federal elections is our way for people to support policies that serve their communities’ needs and ensure they have a say in the decisions that benefit society.

So “elect” to get out and vote. Democracy needs you. Make the time.