The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass have been preparing to enjoy the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. As a mergers and acquisition force in the lawn and landscape industry their take on the game is a little different.

“Sports are a wonderful metaphor for business. When we watch the Super Bowl, and learn about the practices of some of the world’s best athletes and coaches, we are always looking for tips and techniques that we can use with lawn & landscape business owners to enhance their success,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “For example, much of the analysis this week is about matchups — how one team’s wide receivers & backs matchup against the other team’s secondary or linebacking unit. It is very important for top business owner’s to know the strengths and weaknesses of their company and how they stack up against their top rivals. This knowledge leads to more effective, strategic and competitive action plans.”

Other key Super Bowl insights from the Ceibass team include:

Talent – it’s all about your people. Keep seeking top talent and take the time to develop the people that are key to producing the future of your business.

Preparation – the teams have two weeks to prepare for the Super Bowl. They watch film. Develop strategies. Practice and practice. What is your lawn and landscape team preparing for? Better customer experiences, higher margins, reducing costs, making new offers? How are they preparing? What do they focus on day to day?

Execution – do your job! First all your individual players have to be very, very good at their individual roles. Are they focused on doing their job. Do they know exactly what they have to do to successfully do their job? Get clarity. Support them. Engage them. Ultimately it is execution that wins the battle.

Huddle – notice how many “meetings” each member of the teams participate in both on the field, and off the field on the sidelines. Develop the skill to have “quick,” “right to the point” huddles to improve your team’s performance.

Get your game face on – watch the moods of the players and coaches. Are they appropriate? Are they too hyped up? Too relaxed? What is the mood of your company? Keep tabs on it and do your best to be in the most appropriate mood for what you are trying to accomplish. Mood is everything!

Adjust at Half-time – as you set your goals for the year, adjust your strategies as the year unfolds. Have a plan A, B and C. In a close game, the team that adjusts best to the circumstances on the field wins. (See Huddle above.)

Enjoy – watch the commercials, yell at the television, have your favorite beverage. Break your diet (only slightly). Delight in the Miley Cyrus pregame, the poetry of Amanda Gorman, and The Weekend Half-time show.