The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass work with lawn and landscape business owners to help them grow their businesses, to help them acquire businesses and/or to help them sell their business to realize their dreams.  On this Valentine’s Day, we want to draw special attention to the things Ceibass professionals appreciate about these enterprising people. Here’s what they love about lawn and landscape business owners:

Their Good Green Work

Great lawn and landscaping helps people reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce noise, breathe better quality air, and generally puts a smile on people’s faces. In addition it keeps soils healthy, absorbs runoff, and greatly improves the quality of life for all. 

Their Agility

These business owners adjusted on the fly when the pandemic hit. They increased their investment in technology, engaged employees and kept them safe and sound, improved communications, and worked with property owners to develop customized plans for their landscaping based on each owner’s specific situation.

Their Success

Green industry business owners kept many people employed during the pandemic and opened up opportunities for many others. Their success worked to help keep many employees and their families solvent during these difficult times. Their success helped breed success for many other people in their business.

Their Attitude

Most of the people that Ceibass works for, if not all, are good people. They have positive attitudes, take care of their employees like family, invest in equipment and technology, and take great care of their customers. They are solid citizens with a “roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude towards getting things done, and doing the right thing.

Their Generosity

They give back to their communities. Almost all of the business owners that Ceibass works with are generous with their time and money giving back to their local communities. And they support and are very active in NALP — the National Association of Landscape Professionals.


So go out today and hug a lawn and landscape business owner. Happy Valentine’s Day.