The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass want to draw your attention to the rise of the family office. Family offices of some of the world’s wealthiest people are a new force in global finance. And the December 15 – 21st 2018 issue of The Economist featured a story on How the Super-Rich Invest.

“Global finance is going through an evolution. High net-worth individuals are getting richer and cutting out middlemen by creating their own family offices,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “ Think of FOs as personal investment firms that are searching the planet for investment opportunities.”

The article in The Economist went on to say that family offices have become a force in investing  with up to $6trn of assets – more than hedge funds and equivalent to 6% of the value of the world’s stock markets.

“This trend is good for commercial lawn and landscape companies looking to transition ownership as it adds to the pool of active, potential buyers,” said Tom. “The super-rich are discovering that do-it-yourself works. And once they discover the repeatable revenue streams and profit margins of our industry it will only help those owners looking to sell their businesses.”

So if you get a chance, grab the December 15-21 issue of the Economist and learn how the super-rich invest. Or click here to link to the article.