Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO, is going to be a guest speaker at the upcoming J.R. Huston Consulting’s Brainstorming Meeting in Park City, Utah. More than 25 companies and 60 lawn and landscape business professionals will be in attendance.

Tom’s topic: Building a Landscape Business With An Exit In Mind.

“Building a business with the exit in mind is not the same as building a business to flip it – where the idea is to get in, get it going, and get out before the bubble bursts,” said Tom. “It’s really about building an enduring business, one with solid contracts, high renewal rates, a great management team, a manageable cost structure, and a great foundation of corporate governance and focus on achieving milestones.”

Tom went on to say that “the key for heavy residential contractors is not to be head down and butt up, and wearing too many hats trying to make money. Yes, putting out fires is necessary, but the successful owner moves exit thinking to the forefront, not the back burner. It drives everything they do. And it is so much more effective down the road. It puts you in great practices. Whether you sell or not.”

Are you an exit-centric business owner? Want to be? Stay tuned as next week we reveal some of the key thoughts from Tom’s presentation at Jim Huston’s event.