LANDSCAPES 2021, is the largest annual conference for landscape and lawn care professionals and the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass highly recommend that you attend the conference.

“This is THE conference to attend for cutting edge education sessions that provide you with practical solutions to the challenges you face everyday,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “You’ll also be inspired by thought leaders inside and outside our industry. We didn’t have LANDSCAPES in-person last year, we had it virtually, so this a great way to reconnect with your peers and with what’s important in our industry. It’s also our last year in Louisville after 15 years … so get LANDSCAPES 2021 on your calendar.”

The team at Ceibass believes that the lineup of speakers and topics will overwhelm you with great ideas and solutions to your landscape business. Some of the topics that the team is especially excited about include:

  • How to outthink the competition and drive bottom line results
  • Open book management for engaging employees
  • How to measure marketing ROI
  • Robotics in lawn and landscape
  • How to create cultures of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Systems for maximizing growth
  • Retaining employees through culture
  • Google trends you can’t ignore
  • Water conservation in the new era of climate change
  • The growing obligations of leadership and responsibility

For more details on LANDSCAPES 2021, click here.