For more than two decades, the NALP Foundation has been focused on supporting the education of future landscape industry professionals.

“To advance its mission in the 21st century, the Foundation is committed to growing the industry and its workforce through the Industry Growth Initiative,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO and President-Elect, NALP Foundation. “The Industry Growth Initiative (IGI) is the most important initiative the Foundation has ever undertaken. The future of our industry is at stake.”

The Industry Growth Initiative, through its national media relations, advertising and outreach campaigns, IGI is telling consumers, customers, and our future workforce that life – and life’s work – are best enjoyed outdoors. IGI showcases the value the industry offers families, communities and the environment and is taking bold steps to address the industry’s crippling workforce shortage.

IGI is guided by the NALP Foundation and funded through an industry coalition of landscape and lawn care companies, manufacturers and suppliers committed to raising the profile and recognition of professionalism in the industry. NALP’s Foundation leads the effort to raise $2 million dollars a year to support this major national campaign.

“This is very important work for our industry and the people and companies that support IGI are true industry leaders. They recognize the importance of investing today in the industry’s future, said Tom.  “These visionaries recognize the necessity of shining a spotlight on the merits and value of our great industry.”

The primary reason to support the Industry Growth Initiative is that the efforts you enable will grow the industry and grow the pool of men and women seeking careers in the field. And while the results will be reason enough for your company to support the program, there are additional benefits available for those who are financially enabling the industry’s growth agenda. Companies who invest in the program will enjoy benefits such as:

Exclusive Investor Benefits for Investors

  • Customizable videos and other collateral to support employee recruitment
  • Complimentary enhancements for listings on NALP’s job board
  • Toolkit of ready-to-use articles for customer newsletters and blogs and customizable press releases
  • Suggested social media posts, pins, and Tweets
  • Access to exclusive industry research on consumer attitudes and buying behaviors
  • Invitation to provide bylined copy for our consumer site
  • Enhanced listing on NALP’s Find-a-Pro website, making your company more visible to potential customers
  • Exclusive networking events that are the who’s who of the industry
  • Recognition within the industry

“Can we count on you to stand up for the future of our industry?” asks Tom. “Please give me a call and I’ll show you how to become a part of this important industry-wide movement.”