The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass have been asserting for years that now is the time to sell your lawn & landscape business. In this very blog the experts at Ceibass have been sounding the alarm that market conditions couldn’t be better, that interests rates are low, that there’s high valuations, more buyers than sellers and a stock market at all time highs.

“And what about the looming political uncertainty and how that factors into your thinking?” asks Ceibass CEO, Tom Fochtman. “Recently there was a wonderful article by Gary Miller of GEM Strategy Management, that pulled together the great market conditions, political uncertainty, why 80% of businesses for sale won’t close and what business owners should do to address these key issues. This is MUST-READING for every business owner. It will put things into perspective for you…give you a nudge to get you thinking more effectively, strategically and competitively. Don’t miss it.”

Gary Miller is CEO of GEM Strategy Management, a M&A consulting firm, and frequent keynote speaker at conferences and workshops on mergers and acquisitions.  For a link to Gary Miller’s recent article, click here.