The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass realize that at this time of year most lawn & landscape business owners are going WACKO.  

“You don’t want to miss your spring startups. You may be delayed or behind schedule due to the weather. Of course, you are suffering from the labor shortage,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Your new people may not be working out as well as you anticipated. There’s glitches in the software. You may be taking on too much new business. There’s disgruntled customers. Your supply chain may be disrupted. Everything has to be perfect by Memorial Day Weekend. It’s super tough. Wacko.”

So what do you do? “Wacko requires patience, more patience, detail, and more detail,” said Tom. “It requires over communication, over diligence, slowing down your quality checks. This is also a good time to communicate, and gather feedback from your customers. And take really, really great care of your employees. What can you do to elevate them and relieve their burdens? What can you do to make them more successful?”

Other ways to improve your thinking is to keep tighter checks on expenses as it is easy to overspend when you are busy, busy, busy. “Remember to produce customer and employee satisfaction. That’s the long-term game,” said Tom. “It is easy to abuse your staff when you get busy and have checklists…it’s not about checking something off your to-do’s…it’s about producing satisfied customers and engaged, long-term employees. Show your appreciation. Celebrate your workload, your wacko situation. Be thankful. Enjoy.”