The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass spend most of their time working with ambitious lawn and landscape professionals helping them grow their businesses and then transition or sell their companies to employees or other interested parties.

So what are some of the common traits or virtues of these ambitious professionals that aspiring lawn & landscape business owners might cultivate to contribute to their success?

“First of all, we’ve found that ambition is a skill. It has to be learned. Declaring that you want to be successful and build a company is one thing, but then being in the effective practices of actually doing it, are quite another,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “I mean who doesn’t want to be successful and have enough money to live a good life? Where it starts to break down for some, and where it begins for others is in their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The best are humble enough to seek advice from others. They value people and are not arrogant or full of themselves so they develop a very top notch network of help. They take care of their employees and know that to grow they have to grow the people within the organization.”

Tom went on to say that two of the most common characteristics of successful ambitions owners is maturity and dignity. “These people have grown themselves up, they think in longer horizons of time, they can postpone gratification, they have patience, they have thought about the kind of company they want to have, how it works, and what is important to their success. They have the humility to know their true and real limitations, and they have learned from teachers and coaches what is required to build a great company,” added Tom. “These are real adults. People who can deal with reality and what needs to be done. They are disciplined and persevering.”

For more on the most effective traits to cultivate to help you build and sell your lawn and landscape company contact Tom Fochtman, directly: 303-917-1320.