In last week’s blog the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass reflected on the value of learning the skill of ambition and some of the virtues and vices of lawn & landscape professionals. The blog sparked many discussions about the importance of producing and remembering ambitions.

“First off, you have to constitute your ambitions. These can be things like how much money you need to retire, what your profitability and sales need to be for the year/quarter, new equipment you need to purchase, new offers you need to make to your customers,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Producing an effective ambition is a constellation of commitments you make in many facets of your life and in your business. Think of them as lifestyle, financial and business commitments. This intersection of ambitions produces the needed meaning for you to mobilize and get going on them.”

“Creating your ambitions and remembering them allows you to notice and observe what you’re doing and make assessments about your progress and adjust,” added Tom. “Without ambitions I’ve seen lawn & landscape owners just drift along, they don’t know what to focus on, they lack a commitment to produce a big future and end up being caught in short horizons of time putting out fires. They are thoughtless about the strategic value of what they’re doing because they are task-oriented.”  

So where are you with your ambitions? What should you do to get started? What lifestyle, financial and business ambitions should you be thinking about and developing to grow you company? For these answers and more contact Tom Fochtman, directly: 303-917-1320. Ambition is a skill. Let Ceibass help you learn it.