Tom Fochtman, CEO of Ceibass, is pleased to announce the acquisition of San Jose based Landscape Management Services (LMS), by Terracare Associates, LLC (TCA).

The transaction, which closed on April 30, “Is a strategic extension of TCA operations in Northern Californina, and it is a great fit and win-win for both buyer & seller,” said Tom.

“This transaction is a terrific opportunity for our organization to grow along the peninsula and we couldn’t be more pleased to partner with the strong ownership and management team currently in place at LMS”, said Dean Murphy, President of TCA. “The team at LMS has built a portfolio of quality-minded clients and we will certainly work together with the LMS staff to meet and exceed their expectations going forward.”

George Kaiser, owner and founder of LMS, added “I feel fortunate to have found a partner like TCA who will continue to support the growth of LMS and its employees well into the future. The process was straight forward and I’m pleased to partner with TCA and our shared values for operating with respect, integrity, and with concern for our communities and the environment.”

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