What do business owners in the green industry have to be concerned about other than the usual set of concerns like revenues, employees, equipment and the weather? The unexpected.

And sometimes the unexpected can be an offer to buy your business, or a severe health issue, or even an accident. So what should all good green businesses have in place to handle the unexpected? Here are some basics:

A management/leadership/ownership succession plan that is written down and clearly communicated to all stakeholders including key employees and family members.

Owner’s power of attorney for the business, property and health care, current wills and trusts that deal with the ownership of the business and voting control should the owner no longer be capable.

If you have a partner, have a clear buy-sell agreement (dust it off and review it).

Remember, someone else will be making these choices for you if you are not able so why not do it yourself…right now. Keep control while you can.

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