Recently Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO, was the featured speaker on The Commercial Landscaper podcast. His topic: Simple Steps to Help Increase Company Value When Exiting.

In case you missed it, you can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

“The Commercial Landscaper podcasts, by Dave Anderson and Robert Clinkenbeard, are a great way for commercial lawn and landscape owners to accumulate the knowledge they need to stay current and compete successfully,” said Tom Fochtman. “It was a pleasure to be a part of such a valuable program that contributes so much to the professionalism of our industry.”

So what are some of the simple steps that a company owner can take to increase the value of the business when exiting? Here are some suggestions from the enterprise value specialist team at Ceibass:

  • Grow your business – develop a growth mindset and get going on it. You must grow your business to have the ability to keep your employees happy, create career advancement opportunities and the corresponding income growth that comes with it. Or you’ll lose them.
  • Always be working on your differentiators.  What makes you unique?  What are your key differentiators that make you the desirable choice?  If you don’t have unique differentiators, you will always be competing on price.
  • Beware of too much install revenue and not enough maintenance revenue. Install backlog must be resold year after year and maintenance income is recurring income that a potential buyer can really count on.
  • Develop and maintain a strong management team. A buyer needs the reassurance that management can keep the company going strong without you.
  • Keep your fleet and your equipment current. Nothing discounts the value of a business more than old, tired, unsafe, poorly performing vans, trucks, and equipment.
  • Figure out labor. Top companies have their recruitment dialed in. Get after this and solve it.
  • Keep your yard, property, and back office highly organized and neat and clean. Embrace housekeeping. It really matters. Get organized.

Hire the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass Venture Partners. Give Tom Fochtman a call at 303-974-7577. Talk to Tom, nobody is better connected in the lawn and landscape industry.