The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass are delighted to announce that recently, Ceibass CEO, Tom Fochtman, was featured in The Commercial Landscaper podcast. His topic: Simple Steps to Help Increase Company Value When Exiting.

“The Commercial Landscaper podcasts, by Dave Anderson and Robert Clinkenbeard, help commercial lawn and landscape owners develop a strong business mindset and rachet up their performance. I am excited to have contributed to it,” said Tom Fochtman. “Dave and Robert help owners think in a whole new way. They offer short weekly interviews with experts from around the world on a variety of essential topics such as creating more effective systems and procedures, branding, developing company culture, recruitment, trends, how to leverage insurance to save money, investing in employees, and how to scale up your leaders. The podcasts offer great insights and will help you accumulate the knowledge and power to be more effective, strategic, and competitive.”

For Tom Fochtman’s podcast on Simple Steps to Help Increase Company Value When Exiting, click here.