If you haven’t read Selling Your Lawn Care Business by Brad Johnson in the March 3rd issue of Lawn & Landscape you owe it to yourself to click on the link and dig in. Read article here.

Brad was the owner of LawnAmerica, which he sold to Swingle in 2016. In the article he gives a first-hand look at lessons learned – many of which we couldn’t agree more on based on our experience helping L&L business owners transition their businesses. Here are some highlights:

Selling a business is a full-time job. Don’t do it alone. Hire a professional. As the owner, your priority number one is to make sure your company is running smoothly and profitably. Do what you do well and leave the transaction to experts.

Once a buyer is found the real work begins. Due diligence is a demanding process. A lot, lot harder than you think. There will be tears, there will be blood.

You’ll only sell your business once, so you’ll want to do it right. Seek professionals who know the process, who are intimate with the lawn & landscape industry, and who are trusted and respected throughout the industry.