The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass know deeply that many lawn and landscape companies could grow faster, but they have labor issues that hinder their growth. 

“Here’s the truth about growth, those new business customers, they are going to go to someone, probably your competition. So step up and improve your recruitment practices,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “The companies that are making recruitment a top priority and getting after it are the ones reaping the benefits. Chop, chop, change with the new labor situation. Onward.”

The Ceibass team went on to give specific tips about how to recruit more effectively. Here are some highlights: 

  • Utilize the workforce recruitment resources available from the National Association of Landscape Planners
  • Optimize your digital presence online: Revamp your career and jobs page. Include testimonials from satisfied employees. Have an FAQ section for new candidates. Share your culture on social media. Utilize blogs and videos. Target key words and title from your competitors.
  • Participate in Career Fairs; in markets where labor is more abundant.  And at high schools, community colleges and trade schools.
  • Use high school kids. Those that want to work.  Other contractors around the country have made this work. Recruit FFA kids; great source of hard working young people. 
  • Try Interns. Promote to local universities and community colleges.
  • Be open to veterans and firemen. Local firemen frequently have unusual schedules.  Two-24 hour days and they are off for 4 days.  They like to earn extra income. Train them to be H20 tech’s and drop them into enhancement crews.
  • Set recruiting goals both interim and ultimate
  • Recruit FFA kids; great source of hard working young people
  • Recruit from Puerto Rico, Mexico, central American; some companies have found limited success here. It’s tough, but may be worth a try.
  • Open up to people with disabilities.
  • Stay with H-2B; take them when you get them.
  • Purchase a small company to get their people,
  • Think part time help –moms that could work 2 days a week doing detail work, others who want to supplement their regular incomes by working odd hours or off days.
  • Dump your small jobs to create labor for the bigger jobs. 
  • Open up to those with a minor criminal record.
  • Try new things.  Do something!  Develop a recruiting strategy, own it and stay on it full-time.
  • Lease or purchase a digital outdoor board or other type of sign for your business and advertise your job offerings on a daily basis.
  • Pay referral fees for recruits. Develop a STRONG and very rewarding employee referral program. Raise the bar, pay more money.
  • Change your mindset, start thinking of recruiting as a great opportunity to leapfrog your competitors.