The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass work with lawn and landscape business owners to buy and sell companies to make their futures’ work out.

“What is so special about right now in the lawn and landscape industry is the intersection of many factors to create one very special moment in time,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Start with cheap money. Interest rates are at all time lows. There’s lots of financial help available. Time to be aggressive if you’re a buyer. Time to sell if you’re thinking about it. The big players are looking to grow because they can see that the boom is on. Then add in the pandemic, the explosion in the demand for services … everybody is making money.”

The team at Ceibass then went on to add some other little known factors that contribute to this “perfect storm” of a moment in time:

  • Private equity is sitting on a lot of money looking for the right opportunities. Lots of “dry powder” for you if your company is the right fit.
  • There is more investor capital sitting on the sidelines than there are quality transactions to invest in. Investors are clamoring for quality deals, unlike ever before.
  • Many older lawn and landscape owners will be looking to cash in. Right now the supply for companies to buy is low, so demand and multiples are high. Get in before supply increases and reduces demand.
  • Most players see a great opportunity or a big boom for the economy on the horizons. They are willing to pay more for a company now to reap the coming rewards.
  • Taxes on capital gains, income and estates are going to change. And probably not in your favor. Get yours before the rules change.

The bottom line: don’t wait! Put the odds in your favor and take advantage of right now, right now.