The Enterprise Value Specialists at Ceibass want to spotlight a wonderful new NALP focus called Industry Growth Initiative or IGI.

Through the Industry Growth Initiative, NALP will grow the industry and its workforce by strengthening Americans’ appreciation of outdoor spaces where they live, work, and play. Think of it as the landscape industry’s “Got Milk” campaign.

Through the IGI, NALP has begun to take charge of messaging for and about the industry. For instance, IGI has created and a job board to educate students and career changers about the dynamic career opportunities available in the industry and offers ideas and inspiration about the industry.  Tens of thousands of people are now visiting these sites and discovering what we already know: that life – and life’s work – are best enjoyed outdoors.

With these messaging platforms now available, NALP is now executing a variety of PR strategies to ensure the voice of the profession is heard. A few examples:

To Grow the Workforce

  • Sponsorship of Landscape Career Day to allow students and their parents, educators, veterans, women and others to connect with our work
  • Create sharable collateral to educate people about industry careers
  • Sponsor content about industry career opportunities in business media outlets
  • Bring attention to industry careers through advertising and active social media outreach
  • Engage in a media campaign

NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative will harness the power of media and public relations to tell the story of the incredible career opportunities that exist within the industry.

To Grow the Industry

  • Strengthen their media campaign to showcase the industry and the value it provides, building on the 200+ million impressions earned already
  • Produce videos that reinforce expertise of industry professionals
  • Protect the industry’s reputation when activists attempt to speak for us
  • Place articles in magazines targeted at business owners in various vertical markets
  • Conduct research to better understand consumers’ needs and gather data to educate the public about the industry.
  • Increase social media outreach

NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative will provide the visibility, the voice, and the results the industry has long sought.

To carry out this essential work, the NALP Foundation will raise $2 million each year to invest in NALP’s growth agenda. The Foundation will continue to award scholarships and carry out activities that complement tomorrow’s workforce but it’s primary focus will be ensuring NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative produces the results professionals need.

“This is where we need your help,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Support NALP’s effort to tell the wonderful story of our industry. Our future depends upon it.”