Every year the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) helps lawn & landscape companies celebrate National Lawn Care Month by providing tools for educating consumers about the benefits of a healthy lawn.

“Healthy lawns have a tremendous positive impact on climate change,” said Tom Fochtman Ceibass CEO. “For example, did you know that healthy lawns provide cooling and energy savings? When the temperature of the sidewalk is 100°F, the temperature of the nearby lawn turf is about 75°F. That’s a full 25 degrees cooler. Climate change is an important topic and we want to be part of the solution. Help get the green word out!”

The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass went on to say that NALP is providing videos, articles, logos, social media graphics, tips, kids’ coloring book, info-graphics, and messages in a great toolkit that you can use as much as you like to tell the story of healthy lawns to your customers on your social media channels. Great idea! And a great way to be a valuable resource to your customers.

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