Recently, Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO, attended the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ LANDSCAPES 2018 GIE + EXPO’s premier education and networking experience in Louisville, Kentucky.

“What a spectacular event, what a great town, what an exciting host hotel. Get this event on your calendar for 2019!” said Tom Fochtman. “The educational events were on-target for lawn & landscape business owners, especially the P&L & Balance sheet formats from green industry management consultant Jim Huston. Superb displays of industry products and equipment, and the networking opportunities abundant.”

Further insights from Tom on the event include:

  • Everybody at the event is super upbeat.  All making money.  Record years, exceeding 2017’s record year.  It’s that type of economy. For now.
  • They are also very aware that things are starting to slow. All the economic indicators point that direction.  Get it while you can.
  • Immigration reform and ultimately the lack of labor is the #1 challenge.  Most (not all) contractors could make more money if they had the labor. 
  • There is strong talk that we finally get some reform with H2B and we will know that before/no later than 12/31. 
  • On the M&A side, Buyers have actually pulled back a bit on companies that use H2B as they do not want the turmoil of replacing what is usually 50% of a workforce.  For those that use H2B, it is frequently up to 50% of their total field force. 
  • Buyers are still in the market but are sitting back a bit to see what happens at the end of the 4th quarter.
  • Very upbeat though, for the most part.  Slowdown, yes.   Recession, no.