In a recent blog, the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass explored the value of networking for a lawn and landscape business owner. The response to the blog was tremendous. Many questions arose about how to be more effective with a company’s networking efforts and where to aim those efforts.

“Let’s be clear, networking is costly in terms of the time, energy, money, and lost opportunity that a company takes on when it networks. So, it makes sense that one should expect a reasonable return relative to the costs. To do that you have to know the outcomes that you are aiming for when you take on the costs,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “Every networking effort needs to be aimed at some fundamentals of the business. Getting better at the basics will then increase the overall value of the enterprise.”

Some of those fundamentals or basics that the team at Ceibass identified include:

  • Improving your human capital by upskilling your leadership teams and employees – get to know the best teachers, coaches, and programs
  • Getting closer and closer to your best customers by “networking” with them and developing deeper relationships
  • Accumulating knowledge and power around planning and sales – network to find the people who can help you here
  • Building a powerful company culture – aim your networking around finding the employees, freelancers, vendors, and technologies that help you assemble a winning team of collaborative, engaged, and dedicated employees
  • Enhancing operational efficiencies – network for the people, the ideas, the technologies, the concepts, and philosophies that let you produce more for less

“Ultimately, it’s about people … people who can help you, your network of help,” added Tom. “Networking is so much more than trading business cards. It’s about power. Power to greatly enhance the value of your business. Learn to do it well and that starts with knowing what you are trying to take care of with your efforts.”