Recently the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass published a blog on many actionable ways that ambitious lawn and landscape business owners can promote “growth” within their companies. The blog triggered many wonderful responses from readers.

“Thank you to all the readers who responded to our blog on growth,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “And a special thank you to Phil Allen, PhD, Landscape Industry Certified, Brigham Young University professor, for the following words of wisdom:”

  • Companies that strive to do the little things that promote growth are inherently better places to work. So they naturally attract better skilled people giving that company an edge.
  • To focus on growth is to focus on your people, grow them and you automatically start growing your company.
  • Celebrate little successes with your teams … it is so important. Building appreciation into what your people are doing is essential.
  • Be “engaged” with your teams. Ask’em what’s working, what’s not, what do they need? Listen and respond.
  • Remember that employees, especially young ones, do not want to work FOR you, they want to work WITH you.
  • Share your Mission, Vision and Value statements and make sure you are LIVING them, not merely reading them. No lip service.
  • Take on the costs of time, energy, money and lost opportunities to know what technology to purchase and implement.
  • Being water-wise is a huge issue in parts of the country. Be a part of the solution.
  • Many companies are too slow to adapt to new technologies and new concerns. Be an early adapter.

Get involved with the NALP — National Association of Landscape Professionals. Here you’ll find new ideas, new and exciting ways to grow, and you’ll interact with peers – networking at all levels – mid-management, too.