Earlier this week Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO, was a guest speaker at the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ national conference and expo called ELEVATE in Orlando, Florida. Tom’s presentation was titled So You Want To Sell Your Business.

“The presentation was structured to provide strategies and a toolbox to get a lawn and landscape businesses ready for sale. And then, to help owners prepare their business for a transition whether to a family member, employees, competitor, or an outside interest,” said Tom.

During and after the presentation Tom spoke with many business owners regarding their specific situations and came away with some common themes and questions that were brought up by the attendees.

“There were many questions about EBITDA. As an owner, learn about EBITDA and get a better understanding of its importance … especially adjusted EBITDA and addbacks,” said Tom. “And no matter how successful you are, look to grow your company and grow your management team. Having a strong #2 and middle management is essential. Also, after fielding many questions, get familiar with the actual sales process – from the building of the CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) to marketing, due diligence, tax ramifications, and getting to closing.”

Should you wish more information or have specific questions you would like to ask the team of enterprise value specialists at Ceibass, give Tom Fochtman a call or email: 303- 974-7577 or Tom@Ceibass.com.