The enterprise value specialists at Ceibass were in attendance last month at NALP’s LANDSCAPES 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. LANDSCAPES is the largest annual conference for landscape and lawn care professionals.

“Everyone was very upbeat. The industry is doing well … everyone is busy and making money.  Zero negativity, except the usual, can’t find enough help. Lack of labor is keeping growth in check for sure,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibas CEO “In fact, I heard that complaint so much, from so many business owners, it is what it is, that I am beginning to wonder if complacency is setting in. It seems that maybe some people are getting a little too used to the idea that labor is a problem that they are not doing that much to alter the situation … sitting on their hands complaining but not really after solutions to give themselves an advantage. Ask yourself, ‘what are you willing to do?’”

The first thing that the professionals at Ceibass want to remind owners of is that the employment and staffing situation is indeed a threat to growth. It is also a new obligation and opportunity to really engage current employees, retain the great employees you have, establish your company as a great place to work, and create an energizing and refreshing culture to go after new types of employees in new and seductive ways.

“For example, the National Association of Landscape Professionals recently came out with their 2021 Workforce Demographic Study,” added Tom. “The study included data on 272 companies, representing 47 states and more than 40,000 employees. It is designed to aid in spotting developing trends and patterns in workforce demographics. Make sure you get it. It’s a reminder that recruiting in today’s environment takes a 24/7 effort and your HR department has to be all over it.  Get creative — job hiring fairs, attending NCLC, working with the local high school and trade organizations, being involved with community colleges, and taking advantage of H-2B and other visa programs is all part of it.”