Halloween is upon us and the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass are taking a good hard look at some of the lawn and landscape things that scare them.

“There is a lot to be concerned about … war, political unrest, climate instability, water scarcity, pest and plant disease, labor shortages, tech disruption, market saturation and the cost of money, just to name a few,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “While the future holds vast potential for growth and innovation, it is also fraught with challenges. The key for lawn and landscape business owners is to remain agile, informed, and prepared for these evolving dynamics. The ability to anticipate change and pivot accordingly will determine long-term success.”

And then, taking a lighthearted whimsical approach, the team got together and brainstormed some other potential nightmares:

  1. Gnome Uprising: Those garden gnomes have been standing guard for too long. What if one day, they decide they’ve had enough of just watching and want to take charge of the garden?
  2. Zombie Plants: Ever trimmed a hedge only to have it grow back overnight? Maybe we’ve been dealing with the plant version of zombies all along!
  3. Sudden Turf Wars: Literally. The Kentucky bluegrass and the Bermuda grass decide to settle once and for all which is the superior lawn choice. It’s a root-to-root showdown!
  4. Rogue Sprinklers: It’s like they know exactly when you’re walking by, isn’t it? Surprise showers by the sprinkler systems that seem to have a mind of their own.
  5. Mole Moles: Not just the usual pesky moles, but moles wearing sunglasses and hats, going undercover. They’re digging, and they mean business!
  6. Sunflower Standoffs: They turn to face the sun, but what if one day they turn to face us? Those big yellow heads can be pretty intimidating in large numbers!
  7. Talking Trees: After years of being silent observers, trees decide to share every thought. And boy, do they have opinions on everything – from the weather to the latest bird nest designs.

Remember, the garden is full of surprises! Sometimes, you’ve just got to find the humor among the hedges. Have a delightful and frightful Halloween.