For the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass and those in the lawn and landscape industry, May is not just a time to appreciate the flourishing greenery; it’s also an ideal time to cultivate personal growth and renewal. After all, the month of May derives its meaning from the Latin word “Maius,” which is associated with Maia, the goddess of growth.

“We tend to think about growth in terms of expanding a business, growing revenues or moving into new territories,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “But what about the owners of these businesses, what about their growth? An owner’s mindset and skills must be continually nurtured and refreshed to keep up.”

So, what are some ways you can use the month of May as a catalyst for personal growth and well-being? The Ceibass team put together some ideas: 

Commit to Continual Learning

The landscape industry is ever evolving with new techniques, technologies, and trends. Use this time to deepen your knowledge. Attend workshops or webinars focused on the latest landscaping innovations or business strategies. Get involved with NALP.

Expand Your Network

Spring is a season of new beginnings, making May the perfect time to branch out and form new professional relationships. Join local business associations or clubs where you can meet potential clients or mentors. Consider NALP events such as ELEVATE and Leadership Forum. Join a peer group.

Host a Community Event

Highlight your business’s commitment to growth and sustainability, forging connections within the community.

Focus on Health and Wellness

Just as you might advise a client on the health of their lawn, turn some attention to your own health. Encourage healthy habits with your team that can improve physical and mental health. Take time daily for physical activity or meditation, enhancing your focus and decision-making capabilities.

Embrace Work-Life Balance

The longer days of May provide more light for both work and play; balance the two. Ensure you have time to enjoy the spring weather with family or friends. Encourage your team to take time off to recharge, which can boost overall productivity and morale.

Reflect and Plan

Use May’s theme of renewal to reflect on your personal and business goals. Review the progress made in the first quarter and set goals for the remainder of the year. Spend time in nature, which can boost creativity and provide new ideas for business innovations or enhancements.

“As Maia’s month inspires growth and renewal, let it also inspire your personal and professional development,” added Tom. “By investing in your growth as a business owner, you not only improve your own quality of life but also enhance your business’s prospects for success. Let this May be a time of renewal, inspiration, and expansion as you sow seeds for future growth.”