At this time of year the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass are busy helping ambitious lawn and landscape owners wind up their 2019 planning. These owners are the exception to the rule. Many business owners are only beginning their thinking about the new year, and many will not even begin their thinking about 2019 until the week before New Year’s Day.

“For most people thinking about the future is a once a year activity organized around the New Year. It’s what is common. And it is not very effective,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “The mood most people are in when thinking about the future is – what would I like to have happen, or will my stretch goals be, or what can we hope for this year. The mood is all off and not very powerful.”

According to Tom this mood, this orientation is for business amateurs and you would do well to stay away from this common thinking.

“What is uncommon, and what is extremely competitive, is to think and act with the future as commitments…concerns you are committed to take care of. Situations you are committed to produce. New capabilities you WILL acquire. Sales and profitability levels you WILL create.”

Tom went on to say that there is an effective mood to be in when formulating the future for your lawn and landscape company and it is deeply rooted in commitment. Commitment informs you of what direction to take – this way, not that way. It informs you of how fast you have to execute your tactics and produce new situations. And it gives you the focus to know what to be concerned about, and what not to be concerned about.

What are you committed to produce with your business in 2019? Why? It starts right there.