Last week, Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO, was a guest speaker at Jim Huston’s outstanding Brainstorming Meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The theme of the meeting was How to Build and Exit a Great Company with discussions centering on methods, systems and strategies that make a landscape, irrigation or tree care company rock solid and a great place to work.

“The participants, from all over the country, were motivated and excited because they know that right now is one of the best times ever to transition or sell your green industry business. There was tremendous interest in building a company to sell it, embracing best practices and on being dialed-in to run a better business,” said Tom. “My presentation, entitled How to Enhance the Value of Your Business Enterprise, focused on such essentials as maximizing EBITDA, accounting best practices, the importance of strong management teams, capital expenditures, route density and more. The interest was high, the discussions deep and pragmatic. There has never been a better time to get the most “value,” think “highest price,” for your business.”

If you would like to see Tom’s PowerPoint presentation or learn more about how to maximize the value of your green industry business give Tom a call: 303-974-7577. Nobody is more knowledgeable or better connected in the industry.