The Enterprise Value Specialists at Ceibass have had the pleasure of helping many lawn & landscape business owners build value, and sell or transition their businesses. What are the characteristics of these successful owners? Is there an uncommon mindset of the top performers?

“The first trait that all successful lawn & landscape business owners have is an intention to sell their businesses one day,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “It starts with a desire to produce a sale one day. And for these owners, the future exists right now. Everyday they aim their thoughts and actions at that future sale.”

Yes, these owners are focused on operational excellence and growing their businesses. Yes, they are passionate about developing and nurturing their leadership team. And yes, they maintain the underlying health of their enterprise. No short cuts.

“But what they do differently, is hold the thought of that future in the present,” said Tom. “The have the ability to look at everything they do on a daily basis through the eyes of a potential buyer. And they look at daily decisions through that lens. ‘Does this action or that action detract from the sale price I will get one day, or does it enhance my value?’“

The owner’s mindset needs to first become a future seller’s mindset. And then to enhance value, the seller’s mindset needs to evolve into a future buyer’s mindset. This way the aim is to always add value, and make the business more attractive to a buyer.