There is so much to be thankful for in our world of abundance. And Thanksgiving is that special time of year for appreciating the blessings of the harvest. It is a very special day for Ceibass CEO, Tom Fochtman.

“I am especially grateful for the people I have had the opportunity to know and work with in the lawn and landscape industry. Good people, consistently reliable people, trustworthy people,” said Tom.  “I really believe that working with our hands, working with the earth, working with nature is a blessing that keeps us humble, genuine and true. Here’s to our industry. Here’s to you.”

In addition, the enterprise value specialists at Ceibass are especially thankful for:

  • A record setting economy and lower interest rates

  • The hard-working owners who have built great lawn & landscape companies

  • New buyers looking at our industry who recognize the “value” of repeatable income streams and solid contracts

  • Clean books, legal workforces, great management teams, efficient routes

  • The fact that grass grows, seasons change, snow falls

  • Owners who pay well for great employees and who really engage with their workforces

  •  Ambitious strategic buyers, higher multiples, smooth-sailing due diligence

  • Accelerated depreciation, safer and safer working conditions

  • Sellers with a plan and who know their number for retirement

  • Top-notch organizations like NALP and all of the members and vendor/supplier partners who are passionate about growing the industry

  • The efforts of the NALP Foundation and the Industry Growth Initiative

  • All the wonderful people who have taken the time to Get To Know Ceibass!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!