In February, the industry lost one of its great leaders. David J. Frank, founder of David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, passed away after an illness. David J. spent roughly six decades in the industry. He quite literally grew up doing landscaping work. At nine years old, he roamed around his Milwaukee neighborhood, running his one-man business of mowing lawns.

“I had the privilege of knowing David Frank and he was one of the true pioneers of our industry,” said Tom Fochtman, Ceibass CEO. “He had a long term vision for our industry that was so much more than simply mowing lawns and putting trees in the ground. He was a person with a deep passion for the industry and a long term view of what our industry could become that put him at the forefront of the industry.”

David Frank grew his company in Wisconsin to have six different branches with more than 300 employees. “His employees loved him…way before his time he was taking extraordinary care of his staff,” said Tom. “He was always well dressed, buttoned-up, not just in his attire but in his impeccable thinking. When he spoke, you would listen. He was the consummate professional, disciplined and a little bit eclectic. A delight to be around.”

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