The number one reason to work with Ceibass Venture Partners is because we have in-the-trenches, one-of-you, green industry knowledge and experience. 37 years of it. Tom Fochtman took a $60K investment and turned it into a $30M commercial landscape maintenance & management company and then sold it. No one is more knowledgeable & passionate about the industry.
The second reason is because as Enterprise Value Specialists, we focus on producing value for your business. We are not brokers who only bring buyers and sellers together. We are not M&A guys who find money and buy & flip businesses. We are not business consultants who work with you to get your business up to common standards. We are not selling education or seminars or workshops. We are Enterprise Value Specialists who work with you to make your business highly competitive and highly attractive to potential buyers. We work EBIDTA and multipliers and the mechanisms that determine the value of your business – even if you are not thinking about selling in the immediate future – to create immediate value and increased profits for your business
And the third reason to work with Ceibass is that we have a superior network of help – superior contacts within the green industry (no one knows more people and businesses and has more connections than Tom Fochtman – he has been active in PLANET for decades). We have superior contacts within private equity (we know the firms who are looking to invest in our industry! And what they’re looking for!). And finally we have a superior team of professionals to assist you when needed — transactional lawyers, tax abatement specialists, estate planners, accountants, valuation specialists, finance professionals, business brokers and consultants