Madison Valley Ranch wins Orvis Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year

Recently, Madison Valley Ranch — an Orvis-endorsed fly-fishing lodge in Ennis, Montana, part-owned by Ceibass’s Tom Fochtman, won the highly-coveted Orvis Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year. It is the pinnacle achievement in the highly-respected Orvis […]

How to Build a Business To Sell

Tom presents tips for building a company you can sell in a video made for the educational series provided by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.

Uncommon Planning Pays Off

As Enterprise Value Specialists in the Lawn and Landscape Industry some of the questions we ask our clients are:

To help discover the answers we recommend reading the book Blue Ocean Strategy by Renée Mauborgne and […]

Become a PLANET Ambassador

Encourage your colleagues to join PLANET. Become a PLANET Ambassador today.

You are the greatest testimony to the benefit of membership! Help others tap into a valuable networking, educational, and professional development resource and […]

Cash Out? Stay Put? Start Preparing?

In this month’s Lawn & Landscape, Enterprise Value Specialist Tom Fochtman, CEO of Ceibass Venture Partners, reveals new and insightful thinking about one of the most important topics for owners of green industry business: When […]

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At Ceibass, we are green industry Enterprise Value Specialists.
We are experts at creating value in your business and helping you plan, prepare and execute the sale of your green industry business.

Use Uncommon Planning to produce competitive advantage for your business.
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In a recent issue of Lawn & Landscape Tom Fochtman reveals new and insightful thinking about one of the most important topics for owners in the green industry: When to cash out?
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Learn more about how to think like a buyer to more effectively run your business to make a profit.
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Success Story : Acquiring Sole Ownership

Ceibass recently assisted Kristie and Craig Karn acquire sole ownership of Consilium Design, a full-service land planning and landscape architecture firm based in Colorado.

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to guide Kristie and I through our partnership transition into sole ownership of Consilium Design. During the transition process we would often hear from others “it’s just business.” While you were very knowledgeable about the “business” of it all, you knew from your own experience that it would prove to be much more than that and didn’t hesitate to share that with us. It’s about real people, and not just us, going through a big life change.

It would take time, more than we would ever wish or even imagine. Just getting started – “having the conversation” – took months. Staying focused and pushing forward through the unexpected turns along the way, of which there were many, made the journey seem even longer. With the end in sight, innocent mistakes could appear to be great transgressions. You were there throughout, encouraging us to “have the conversation,” stay focused, and accept that mistakes are just a natural part of the process.

We are very excited about the future of Consilium Design especially knowing that we will have you and Ceibass Venture Partners to continue to support and guide us along the way.”

~Kristie and Craig Karn,
Consilium Design